New column for UN Delta 8.7 platform

Professor Genevieve LeBaron will be writing a regular column for a new UN online platform, Delta 8.7. The Centre of Policy Research at the United Nations University has launched the new platform to influence policy-makers by providing rigorous information and data relating to forced labour, trafficking and child labour. ‘Delta’ refers to the Greek symbol for ‘change’ and ‘8.7’ refers to Target 8.7 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that aims to eradicate forced labour, human trafficking and child labour by 2030.

Delta 8.7 is linked with Alliance 8.7, a global partnership geared towards bringing about action to realise the goals of Target 8.7. It aims to bridge the gap between research and policy, and help policy actors understand the scope of the problem and use data to more effectively tackle these issues and support victims.

Professor Genevieve LeBaron as a member of the Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Platform will be writing a regular feature column about her research on forced labour. It will also feature collaborative pieces with input from Dr Ellie Gore, Professor Andrew Crane, Dr Vivek Soundararajan, Dr Michael Bloomfield and Professor Laura Spence.

Genevieve’s first piece ‘There’s a Lot We Don’t Know About the Business of Forced Labour’ outlines the focus for her series. It highlights that focusing on multinational corporations leaves gaps in knowledge about forced labour, and promotes the need to research informal economies and business models to gain a more precise understanding of how the business of forced labour operates. The second piece offers insights from the Global Business of Forced Labour report on forced labour in tea and cocoa supply chains.