The Global Business of Forced Labour project investigates the business of forced labour in global agricultural production, focusing on tea and cocoa supply chains feeding UK markets.  It addresses the following key questions:

  • What factors create business ‘demand’ for forced labour within global supply chains?
  • What kinds of businesses use forced labour and labour exploitation, and how do they make money from it?
  • How effective are corporate social responsibility initiatives (including ‘ethical’ certification) and anti-slavery laws in combating the business of forced labour?
  • What will it take to end the business of forced labour in global cocoa and tea supply chains?
  • The study has generated an original dataset through research with tea and cocoa workers in India and Ghana, and interviews with tea and cocoa plantation managers and buyers, large multinational beverage and confectionery companies, corporate social responsibility experts, international organizations, governments, and other actors. The findings provide new and important evidence for government, industry, and civil society actors on the causes of, and solutions to, forced labour in global commodity production.

    Meet Our Team

    The research team has been led by Professor Genevieve LeBaron (Principal Investigator, University of Sheffield and Yale University) and Dr Ellie Gore (Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield), and has been comprised of twelve experienced researchers from India and Ghana. The project is further supported by Tom Hunt (Policy Research Officer, University of Sheffield) and Penelope Kyritsis (Washington DC-based consultant on global labour issues).